Welcome to “The Electric Bike Vault” Wheathampstead.

We feel very fortunate to be situated in this beautiful historic village. Its old worldly charm and character omit a feeling of substance and permanence.

These are the very two elements that we wish to embrace and embed into our business.

While we are here to cater for all the usual needs of the traditional cyclist, we are very much looking forward and excited to be offering the latest technology that the cycling industry has to offer.

The eBike.

These bikes take away the dread of having to peddle your way up a hill on the daily commute to work or to the station. No sweat patches on clothing as well as low physiological stress. You get there fresh not distressed.

They offer the less toned rider the chance to regain their fitness and join in on more demanding rides that they would otherwise be denied.

You choose from different levels of assist to suit your riding and terrain.

If you are out riding with other eBike riders you ultimately go further, swifter and smoother than on a conventional (mechanical) bike.

eBikes are for everyone ...

For a super fit rider on an eBike its a whole new world for them too. You go places you would not usually consider. Trails and mountain passes become feasible that are just not possible on mechanical bikes.

No matter how much is said about these bikes the real deal is in the experience of riding them.

We have a selection of demo bikes available for our serious customers.

So please feel free to come and pay us a visit, and if it is something you feel you may be interested in, we would be happy to arrange a test ride.

Leigh Stephenson


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We are a team based in Wheathampstead. Our expertise is on E-Bikes and general bike repairs and servicing. A family owned and operated bike shop.